Travis Quotes

I’m so happy ’cause you’re so happy. -Travis, Happy I wish that I could fly, fly, fly away. And if I should fall and you hear me call, would you stay? -Travis, More Than Us When the spotlight fades away, ma vie, c’est la vie. When the blue skies turn to grey, ma vie, tout… [Read More]

Ben Harper Quotes

My baby she left me. Said she ain’t comin’ back around, and I’m breakin’ down. -Ben Harper, Breakin’ Down I never meant to ’cause you any harm. How could two people start so close and end up so far? I’m breakin’ down. -Ben Harper, Breakin’ Down Waiting on an angel, one to carry me home…. [Read More]

Rita Ora Quotes

Write my name on stars so you can see it wherever you are. Please believe it. Imma take it all. Ain’t gonna stop until I fall. -Rita Ora, Roc The Life When the sun sets, baby, on the avenue I get that drunk sex feeling, yeah, when I’m with you. So put your arms around… [Read More]

Emily Kinney Quotes

What could this broken love be all about? I’ve let you in, now I can’t get you out. -Emily Kinney, In Morning sex is for lovers, and you’re not in love with me… -Emily Kinney, Morning Sex Is For Lovers Boy, you’re real sorry that you didn’t call or write. But, baby, boy, it’s alright…. [Read More]