Mat Kearney Quotes

You are the air that I breathe in. Here is my heart I give. You are all of my reason. You are my reason to live. -Mat Kearney, Trainwreck It doesn’t matter if they call me wrong. Doesn’t matter if they steal my song. Doesn’t matter if we’re all alone. It doesn’t matter at all…. [Read More]

Miike Snow Quotes

Don’t forget to cry at your own burial. -Miike Snow, Burial All my life, I’ve been the slave of consequence, wondering how this life could be so intricate. I wanna rewrite my heart and let the future in. I wanna open it up and let somebody in. -Miike Snow, Cult Logic I didn’t wanna wake… [Read More]

Thomas Rhett Quotes

I can play you a song on this old guitar if it turns you on. If you want, we could dance. But I need something to do with my hands. -Thomas Rhett, Something To Do With My Hands I bet your kiss is a soul saver, my favorite flavor, want it now and later. -Thomas… [Read More]

Dotan Quotes

My soul has left my body. I’m floating high above. I lost the sense of time, trying to follow the line. Put your arms around me. We can fly through the night. -Dotan, Illusion There’s more to life. There’s more to see. Can I touch what’s in front of me? Show me the place to… [Read More]