Greyson Chance Quotes

You’ll never enjoy your life living inside the box. You’re so afraid of taking chances. How you gonna reach the top? -Greyson Chance, Waiting Outside The Lines Try to have no regrets even if it’s just tonight. How you gonna walk ahead if you keep living blind? -Greyson Chance, Waiting Outside The Lines Stuck in… [Read More]

William Beckett Quotes

She’s a perfect mess, a real one of a kind. When the curtains closed, we were gettin’ close. And the clothes in the corner laid there all night. -William Beckett, Girl, You Shoulda Been A Drummer Girl, you shoulda been a drummer. You break me down like no other. You beat my heart black and… [Read More]

Bleachers Quotes

Everything has changed and now it’s only you that matters. I will find anyway to your wild heart. -Bleachers, Wild Heart Why don’t you come a little closer. There was something I could tell ya. You were such a roller coaster, some killer queen you are. -Bleachers, Rollercoaster Some girls they really just want to… [Read More]

Justin Timberlake Quotes

Running fast in my mind. Girl, don’t you slow it down. If we carry on this way this thing might leave the ground. How would you like to fly? -Justin Timberlake, Senorita When I look into your eyes I see something that money can’t buy. And I know if you give us a try I’ll… [Read More]