Man Overboard Quotes 2

I can’t live with you around anymore. You’re blocking out the sound outside my door. And I found more… -Man Overboard, Parting Gift See you around. You were alright back when we were young. But you don’t compare to anything that I’ve found. -Man Overboard, Parting Gift I can’t remember all the times that I… [Read More]

Box Car Racer Quotes

Sometimes I wish I was brave. I wish I was stronger. I wish I could feel no pain. I wish I was young. I wish I was shy. I wish I was honest. I wish I was you not I. ‘Cause I feel so mad, I feel so angry. I feel so callous, so lost,… [Read More]

Carolina Liar Quotes

I once had a grip on everything. It feels better to let go. -Carolina Liar, I’m Not Over I’m not over. I’m not over you just yet. Can not hide it. You’re not that easy to forget. I’m not over. -Carolina Liar, I’m Not Over I’m coming to terms. I’m starting to learn. This ain’t… [Read More]

The Birthday Massacre Quotes

Promise me to pass the time. Dance with me on plastic tears. Kiss me, we won’t feel alone, till morning when we disappear. -The Birthday Massacre, Promise Me If you can keep secrets then I’ll tell you mine. -The Birthday Massacre, To Die For Sometimes the beauty starts to die. When it’s over, torture yourself… [Read More]