Citizen Quotes

So I cut you open so I could see you inside out. And figure you out. -Citizen, Figure You Out I don’t want to know if I could catch you once. I’d see you right through. -Citizen, The Summer How does it feel to be all that you are, all that you want to be?… [Read More]

Secrets Band Quotes

I’m sinking faster and it’s hard for me to breath. My whole world crumbles before me as I’m left here on my knees. -Secrets, The Oath Girl, please come back from the place that you hide. How about tonight? I wanna see you. Let’s get out of here. Take back, take back my heart. I… [Read More]

Courage My Love Quotes

Let’s find a way to turn this around. You’re like an anchor bringing me down. Sinking deeper… I can’t reach you. -Courage My Love, Anchors Make Good Shoes (If You Have Issues) You’re just another stranger now. You’re just another face that’s lost in the crowd. I can’t forget you. I can’t forget you. You’re… [Read More]

Ghost Town Quotes

For once, why can’t you just come and chase me, dig up my grave and save my body? Now, I’m rotting to the bone but my heart’s still beatin’, hopin’ you won’t leave me. -Ghost Town, You’re So Creepy Creepy girls, you’re just my style. Blood-red lipstick; you don’t smile. Falling victim to your fantasy…. [Read More]