Niykee Heaton Quotes

Late nights, waiting, empty, fading. I want you again… -Niykee Heaton, Champagne I got champagne for the pain. Blackout all the memories runnin’ through my veins. I don’t really wanna feel anything. Tryin’ to escape, I’m my only enemy. Drinks up, keep ‘em laced. I don’t really wanna feel anything. -Niykee Heaton, Champagne Bring on… [Read More]

In Hearts Wake Quotes 2

I’m waiting for the chance to finally breathe again. Hold on to me until the lights go out. -In Hearts Wake, B.I.A. (The Hanged Man) All paths lead to the end. Will you attack or will you defend? Engage in what’s unclear, overwhelmed by fear. Mother, father won’t you make me brave? Or will I… [Read More]

In Hearts Wake Quotes

We live in a world where fact is worse than fiction. Now, I’ve told this story but left a chapter for us to complete. We are falling into a deep sense of insecurity. Evil prevails when good men fail to act. We are the only ones who can write the end. -In Hearts Wake, Catharsis… [Read More]

PartyNextDoor Quotes

The music keeps playing and your hearts starts jumping. And your head keeps spinning ’cause the bass keeps turning up. It’s 5 AM and you’ve just reached your all time high. -Partnextdoor, Welcome To The Party Every time I lay the pipe, she has a taste for heavy metal. -Partnextdoor, Relax With Me Baby girl,… [Read More]