Jonny Craig Quotes

How do we get so close without us knowing where we would be? And how do we get so old without us knowing we can’t get out? -Jonny Craig, What I Would Give To Be Australian I have no time, girl, to play this game with you. I have a queen. Why would I settle… [Read More]

Upon a Burning Body Quotes

This is the anthem of our new generation so let’s take it all down. This is our anthem, get down. Here’s to you, here’s to me; the best of friends we’ll always be. But if we should disagree, to hell with you and here’s to me. -Upon a Burning Body, Intermission If you had to… [Read More]

Meghan Trainor Quotes

I got a heart full of rhythm that beats with no pain. I got a head full of melodies stuck in my brain. But the best part of being a singer at all is singing to the world my songs. -Meghan Trainor, The Best Part (Interlude) Yeah, it’s pretty clear I ain’t no size two…. [Read More]

Oceans Ate Alaska Quotes

You’re no match for me ’cause while you’re busy counting sheep, I’m taming lions in my sleep. Like a pack of wolves, I’ll hunt you down, single you out and claim back our crown. -Oceans Ate Alaska, Taming Lions Catching flames is such a dangerous game to play. All you’re left with is burnt fingers;… [Read More]