Fit for a King Quotes 2

Every word you say is wasted on every breath you take. So forgive me, I’m not a part of you. You’ve taken everything. I won’t be the one that stands in the darkness. -Fit for a King, The Resistance These are dark times. Can you not feel yourself falling deeper? You’ve given yourself away. These… [Read More]

Fit for a King Quotes

You will know judgement. You will know suffering. The currents of this world have pulled you under. Will you overcome these tides? You have been weighed down by the very thing that made you feel alive. Do you have the strength to stay above the waves or stay on dry land? Or are you weak… [Read More]

Zella Day Quotes

We are fine, feeling grown up. And I’m in love. And I’m crashing in your arms. -Zella Day, High Don’t worry, baby, don’t you cry, as long as we keep getting high. Keep burning like we’re never gonna die. Fire, baby, fire, baby, love. -Zella Day, High Ever since you’ve been my ace of hearts,… [Read More]

Andrew McMahon Quotes

There’s more to life than singing songs we write when we are in the shadow of the moon. -Andrew McMahon, Synesthesia And I see colors when I hear your voice… -Andrew McMahon, Synesthesia I could love you in the falling rain. Grab your things. This is a storm we’re meant to ride. -Andrew McMahon, Synesthesia… [Read More]