George Strait Quotes

Give me a bottle of your very best ’cause I’ve got a problem. I’m gonna drink off my chest. I’m gonna spend the night gettin’ down. -George Strait, Unwound I’m gonna be the drunkest fool in town ’cause that woman I had wrapped around my finger just come unwound. -George Strait, Unwound If you’re thinking… [Read More]

Halestorm Quotes

I’m in love with somebody. Found someone who completes me. I’m in love with somebody, oh yeah! And it’s not you! -Halestorm, It’s Not You I know who you think you are. Sorry, I’ve turned you on but I’m kissing you off. -Halestorm, It’s Not You I get off on you getting off on me…. [Read More]

The Pretty Reckless Quotes

Since you been gone, my life has moved along quite nicely actually. -The Pretty Reckless, Since You’re Gone Since you’re not what I want, you can take everything I’ve got. Take the seat, take the drive. If I say I love you, I am a liar. -The Pretty Reckless, Since You’re Gone You make me… [Read More]

Third Eye Blind Quotes

I want something else to get me through this semi-charmed kind of life, baby. -Third Eye Blind, Semicharmed Life When I’m with you, I feel like I could die. And that would be all right… -Third Eye Blind, Semicharmed Life Everyone’s got to face down the demons. Maybe today we can put the past away…. [Read More]

All Time Low Quotes

So don’t you go. I’ve got you where I want you and I’m never letting go. Hit the lights, we’ll be all right. Tonight our dreams come true. -All Time Low, Hit The Lights (Tribute To A Night I’ll Never Forget) I can’t say it feels wrong to close my eyes when all I see… [Read More]