The Doors Quotes

Let me sleep all night in your soul kitchen. Warm my mind near your gentle stove. Turn me out and I’ll wander, baby; stumblin’ in the neon groves. -The Doors, Soul Kitchen Come on, baby, light my fire. Try to set the night on fire. -The Doors, Light My Fire It hurts to set you… [Read More]

Set It Off Quotes

I’m not waiting for another day. You had your chance and you threw it all away. -Set It Off, Introdution To Outselling A Salesman You were the one. I wish that I could hold you near. But I’m too late. You said you needed time. Too bad my watch is broken. Our lives fell out… [Read More]

Hurts Quotes 2

In the shadow of Mother Nature we find it hard to live our lives. But we never chose the life She gave us and we don’t need Her to survive. -Hurts, Mother Nature Everybody waits for Christmas. For me it’s New Year’s day that’s gonna come and take my blues away. I’m wishing on the… [Read More]

Lauren Aquilina Quotes

Forgive me, I’m just so fucked up in the head. Kiss me whilst I set fire to our bed. -Lauren Aquilina, Lilo I love your brain but I hate your guts. We won’t ever be. -Lauren Aquilina, Lilo Count your blessings not your flaws. -Lauren Aquilina, King You’ve got it all. You lost your mind… [Read More]