Andrew McMahon Quotes

There’s more to life than singing songs we write when we are in the shadow of the moon. -Andrew McMahon, Synesthesia And I see colors when I hear your voice… -Andrew McMahon, Synesthesia I could love you in the falling rain. Grab your things. This is a storm we’re meant to ride. -Andrew McMahon, Synesthesia… [Read More]

Amber Run Quotes

I found love where it wasn’t supposed to be- right in front of me. Talk some sense to me. -Amber Run, I Found Oh, paper skin, I’m gonna love you. I’m gonna love you now. -Amber Run, Spark I want to peel away our summer skin. I want to see if we’re the same ’cause… [Read More]

Jeremy Loops Quotes

Seeing what my eyes can’t see, and being what I want to be. And I’ll do what I want to do ’cause it’s you, it’s you. You come and help me break through. -Jeremy Loops, Power Let me just get something down. I’m coming for your frown. I got something that’ll make you feel better…. [Read More]

Stone Sour Quotes 3

Hold it high. Show the sky your destiny. Close your eyes and burn away your hate. Hold it high. We can feel our prayers as we close our eyes. We can take the world away. -Stone Sour, The Bitter End Oh, what do you want to hear? Do you know how many times I tore… [Read More]