Ghost Town Quotes

For once, why can’t you just come and chase me, dig up my grave and save my body? Now, I’m rotting to the bone but my heart’s still beatin’, hopin’ you won’t leave me. -Ghost Town, You’re So Creepy Creepy girls, you’re just my style. Blood-red lipstick; you don’t smile. Falling victim to your fantasy…. [Read More]

Drowners Quotes

Why don’t you just come around and undo another button on your blouse? These days, you know, I rarely leave the house. And I hate the thought of you. I hate the thought of you missing out. -Drowners, A Button On Your Blouse I feel the sweet caress of your familiar lower lip that’s dancing… [Read More]

Sky Ferreira Quotes

I want you to love me, baby, to love me right. But I’m kinda shy at telling you, to tell you what I like. -Sky Ferreira, Sex Rules Sex rules! Use your God-given tools. Sex rules. I pity the fools who realize too late. Love, sex, and God are great. Oh-oh oh-oh, sex rules… -Sky… [Read More]

Scotty McCreery Quotes

Oh, she could’ve been mine but we ran out of summertime. -Scotty McCreery, Out Of Summertime I know I’m still young but I know how I feel. I might not have too much experience, but I know when love is real. -Scotty McCreery, I Love You This Big I love you this big eyes have… [Read More]