Bea Miller Quotes

We were making history, breaking rules and breaking free; questioning the writing on the wall; coming from the underground; laughing as we’re falling down; soaking in the glory of it all! -Bea Miller, Young Blood We’ve got young blood. Can’t destroy us. We make our own luck in this world. We’ve got young blood. No… [Read More]

Years & Years Quotes

You used to work me out but you never worked it out for me. -Years & Years, Foundation Oh, I think I’m into you. How much do you want it too? What are you prepared to do? -Years & Years, Real Oh, I think that if I had been enough for you, would I be… [Read More]

Zara Larsson Quotes 2

Tell me what would you do if you only knew how I feel about you? -Zara Larsson, Wanna Be Your Baby I wanna your be first, your last, your everything. I wanna be in your arms and definitely I wanna be someone you keep coming back to see. I wanna be one, I wanna be… [Read More]

James Bay Quotes

Been in the dark for weeks and I’ve realized you’re all I need. And I hope I’m not too late. -James Bay, Need The Sun To Break Stay warm, close your eyes. Let time fly. Stay close, stay right here, nothing to fear. -James Bay, Clocks Go Forward Come on, let it go. Just let… [Read More]