Chvrches Quotes

I’ll give you one more chance to say we can change or part ways. And you take what you need and you don’t need me… -Chvrches, Recover I’ll be a thorn in your side till you die. I’ll be a thorn in your side for always. If we sink we lift our love. -Chvrches, We… [Read More]

Say We Can Fly Quotes

It’s the way she looks at me, the way she turns and smiles at me. I know, I know, I know it’s something else. It’s the way she laughs with me, the way that her bright blue eyes open up the doors that were closed in my life. And everyday, it’s like a new piece… [Read More]

Hedley Quotes

How’d you end up, oh, so jaded, cynical and so sedated? Can’t live in this world you created day after day after day. -Hedley, On My Own Some say love is not for sinners. I believe that isn’t true. ‘Cause when I was finished sinning, love came down and showed me you. -Hedley, Trip What… [Read More]

Jayme Dee Quotes

Silly love songs made me so sick; couldn’t stand them. Now they all click. And the reason is this- I feel like I’m about to fly. -Jayme Dee, Tip Toes Hey, boy you got me on my tip toes. Don’t stop. Kiss me and away we’ll go. -Jayme Dee, Tip Toes I don’t know what… [Read More]