Caliban Quotes 3

I gave you all I have but you betrayed all we had. Today will gonna change. Today I’m taking it all back! -Caliban, All I Gave Please, let me die. I don’t want to live like that. End this coma! -Caliban, Coma All my dreams are far away. You took my life and gave me… [Read More]

Caliban Quotes 2

There will be fear and cries of pain. I’ll show no tear and won’t complain. Why can’t you stay away from me? I found a key to live my dream. -Caliban, I’ll Show No Fear Don’t tell me who I am. I live my life how I want to. -Caliban, I’ll Show No Fear You… [Read More]

Caliban Quotes

Take your god out of my life. Your words mean nothing to me. Your messages are just lies. One word, one lie. -Caliban, One More Lie How can someone die when he never existed? -Caliban, One More Lie Lying down on the ground filled with hate. No more power, no more future, just emptiness. Searching… [Read More]

Annisokay Quotes

This oppressed soul of mine got no tears for long time. -Annisokay, Unarmed Words Sometimes the truth makes everything else seem like a lie. -Annisokay, Galaxy Still looking for a life but I’m still alone and my galaxy came raining down. -Annisokay, Galaxy We were something special for so long. How could you think that… [Read More]