Pretending Quotes

There are days every now and again I pretend I’m ok, but that’s not what gets me.
-Rascal Flatts, What Hurts the Most

And I don’t know how to be fine when I’m not cause I don’t know how to make the feelings stop.
-Jesse McCartney, Just So You Know

Don’t act like an angel. You’ve fallen again. You’re no superhero, I’ve found in the end.
-12 Stones, Lie to Me

Now I’m in over my head, with something I said, completely misread, I’m better off dead. And now I can see, how fake you can be. This hypocracy’s beginning to get to me.
-Sum 41, Over My Head

I used to be the kind of guy who’d never let you look inside. I’d smile when I was crying.
-Bon Jovi, Everyday

And it’s the starrrssss… the sttarrrsss that shine for you. And it’s the starrrssss… the sttarrrsss that lie to you…
-Stone Sour, Through Glass

If he should ever come our way, dry the tears and look somewhere above him. Might be easier to say than to do. But just pretend that you no longer love him.
-Amy Diamond, It Can Only Get Better

Everbody wants me to be what they want me to be. I’m not happy when I try to fake it!
-Lionel Richie, Easy

You come walking in tears in your eyes, pretending like it’s alright…
-Westlife, Leaving

But that smile you’re wearing– it’s a beautiful disguise, it’s just something you put on to hide the emptiness inside… and you seem so lonely.
-Westlife, Heart Without A Home

Ain’t gonna show no weakness. I’m gonna smile and tell the whole world I’m fine. I’m gonna keep my senses. But deep down, when no one can hear me… Baby I’ll be crying for you.
-Westlife, Why Do I Love You

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